Hey there, gorgeous Soul!


Lisa is a Freedom Activist. She believes our birthright is to be, do, have anything we desire. You get to create the life that sets your soul on fire. You get to determine what your life gets to look and feel like. You, me, our children should live a life beyond our wildest dreams. We can change the world together… Create more love & Peace.


So I will start from the beginning (trust me I did not start from that place). In fact, most of my life I have suffered from anxiety, spent many years self-harming and saying to myself “I just need a holiday from my life”. I also struggled with loss of identity and post natal depression after I gave birth to my daughter.

Over four years ago, I had an amazing job (of course even then I was helping people). I was a counselor for troubled teenagers and I was super passionate about it and it paid really good.

I then had my beautiful girl and when I returned back to work I began to struggle with depression. I was breast pumping in my bosses office and counting down the hours until I could see my girl. I was filled with anxiety about missing an important milestone.

I just knew there was a better way. I knew for no reason at all I wanted to work from home, around my own schedule. I grew up in a house hold where the belief is even mum’s have to work 40+ hours, you need to work hard, spend little time with the children just so you have enough money to get by.

Even with that belief, I found myself when no one was looking, googling “work from home jobs”.

I then became a single mum so was even more desperate to figure out how I can get paid for helping people.

Sounds simple right?

Me and my daughter were living with my parents. I was relying on welfare now and a part time job and every spare minute building my business.

I invested in furthering my qualifications, coaches and courses.

After implementing, people started reaching out to me. People started watching me. People messaged me asking for help.

Clients always found me and I didn’t have to find them.

I was able to quit my job, listen to my inner voice and build a business that feeds my soul while I live more.

I have learned a ton along the way and I am ready to share everything I know with you.

I realized all along that I was born for so much more. I was miserable because I wasn’t living my true potential. I was being who I was told I was supposed to be.

This business sets my soul on fire. My life. I have been able to create more then I ever thought was possible for me.

I am so proud and grateful that I followed my passion, my calling and now offer my 1:1 services. So I can help you monetize your passion, your story. Create the life you have been dreaming of. I want to help you get paid for doing what you love while spending more time with who and what you love.

Are you ready to impact lives? Ready to have a life of Freedom? To live your best life?

About Lisa Falconer - Master Mindset Coach, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner 2
About Lisa Falconer - Master Mindset Coach, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner 3