Secret to sales for women

When i first started my entrepreneur journey, the first thing i learned was YOU NEED TO SELL.

So naturally i was selling all the time. Far more then i was comfortable with. I never understood why i kept hearing crickets. I had to keep selling because i wanted to make money and surely someone is bound to want to work with me.


No, i was dead wrong.

Sure people were waiting to work with me but the way i was selling was falling on deaf ears.

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Why having an imperfect business will make you more money

It's the same in business. Coaches hide behind social media and uses it to make you think they are perfect, their biz is perfect.

There is no such thing and that's keeping you broke.

Social media and some coaches make you think that you need to talk in a way, have a perfect website, have the perfect offer, her the perfect number of.followers in order for you to make money.

It's a total lie.

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Are you obsessed and addicted to trying to make money in your biz & Success?

Do you find yourself obsessing about trying to figure out how to manifest clients, how you can make money in your business or anything like that?

I hear you!

So many of my clients come to me obsessing over trying to manifest clients or money.

They, like you think the more they think about it, the more they try to consciously ‘Manifest’ then clients and money will finally show up.

But that’s all backwards. That’s NOT how manifestation or even the Law of Attraction work

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How you are keeping clients away from you

Let’s chat about how you have been repelling clients.

I know, it sounds harsh….

But I’m committed to your success and for that to happen you have to know why clients aren’t reaching out to you, wanting to pay you.

I get it, i truly do.

Your doing all the mindset work, taking all the right action, implementing all the marketing strategies but your still hearing crickets?

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