Why having an imperfect business will make you more money

Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Any coach that tells you to be perfect, to have the perfect marketing strategy, perfect website, you have to show up perfect, have the professional photos in order to make money is not the coach for you.

I nearly died in shock yesterday when a client told me a previous coach told her she didn't talk smart enough on social media and that's why she can't sign clients.

It got me thinking how body positivity on Instagram talks about how your perfectly imperfect and social media hides what people really look like.

It's the same in business. Coaches hide behind social media and uses it to make you think they are perfect, their biz is perfect.

There is no such thing and that's keeping you broke.

Social media and some coaches make you think that you need to talk in a way, have a perfect website, have the perfect offer, her the perfect number of.followers in order for you to make money.

It's a total lie.

In fact you will sign clients when they realize they don't have to be perfect and have everything perfect, they will want to work with you when they can see it's possible for them too.

I'm proud to have an Imperfect business. My website and opt ins ARE NOW WHERE NEAR PERFECT. Every livestream I do I either stumble my words, talk to fast or forget something. Yes I use professional photos BUT ONLY because I can't stand taking selfies and it stopped me from showing up.

I talk about exactly why having an imperfect business will make you more money in the below video.

Let's support each other. How is your business imperfect?



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