How to avoid disappointment

How to avoid getting disappointed.

Do you find yourself getting disappointed when someone....

Randomly unfollows you?

Says no to you?

Or you don't book as many Discovery calls that you were hoping to book?

Maybe you go on a really awesome date but then don’t hear back from them?

I get it, I've been there babe.

Yesterday my client messaged me saying "Lisa how do I change my mindset so I stop getting disappointed?"

Here's the thing babe.

You get disappointed because you gave away your power when you created expectations. Expectation kills happiness.

My client admitted he knew this but can't help but get overly excited. If you find that you are getting overly excited and can't help but get attached to the outcome, its because you have been seeking a feeling from external things. Again giving away your power. Stepping out of alignment.

Stop expecting, stop hoping and getting attached to people or an specific outcome.

Instead appreciate everything. 

Having certainty!!!! That's a big one. Trust and have certainty that everything will always work out. Trust and have certainty that your soul mate clients will show up and see the value investing in you.

Have certainty before hopping on a Discovery call that you will give them the breakthrough they need and if it's meant to be they will say yes. If they say no celebrate. It means they made room for your perfect client to show up.

As long as your in the energy of neediness or desperation then you will repel clients

Do you struggle with getting disappointed? Let me know in the comments 👇👇



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