Can you really be happy 24/7

Hey there beautiful soul,

"Can you really be happy for now reason?"

A few weeks ago my client asked if its really possible to be happy for no reason.

I wasn't shocked by this question because most of my clients feel this way.

Is this a question you ask yourself?

I totally get it.

A few years ago I was miserable, was just getting through life and I thought I would be happy when I found love again, when I had more money, when I signed clients.

I thought that would be the answer.

What happened instead was yes I had found love but I still wasn't happy, I still felt empty. I had started making money and attracting clients but again I didn't feel alive still. Like something was missing.

The thing that was missing was me feeling happy internally.

I had buried so many negative emotions and forgotten who I was at my core, I had forgotten how to be happy for just being me. Happy just for life.

When we clear out the negatives emotions, love and accept who we are right now and understand our emotions then yes we get to be happy right now for no reason at all (except for being us and life).

When we can sit in silence and be happy now then that's when the relationship will show up, the clients will show up, the job promotion you desire or relationships dramatically improved.

1 week after my session with my client he messaged me saying "Lisa you won't believe this, I'm on my way to work and I'm really happy. Nothing has changed but the way I feel about myself". Since then he no longer hates his jobs, attracting women that are genuinely interested in him and a much more improved relationships with co workers and ex wife.

We already have everything we need within us.

But we grow up being programmed to rely on external things to bring us happiness and joy.

Now after saying all that, let’s be honest. We are all human. There will be times where we don’t feel happy. Times our emotions are trying to tell us something. But when we clear out all those emotions that no longer serve us, when we do feel off or triggered, then we can navigate through those emotions really quickly and get back to being happy ASAP.

Let me know 👇 Do you struggle to feel happy and alive for no external reasons?



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