Lisa Falconer
Lisa Falconer
Master Mindset Coach, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner
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Breakthrough day: In person or via Zoom


Does this sound like you?

You crave Freedom, to be happy, to feel alive?

Deep down You don’t like who you see in the mirror, have low self-esteem & don’t think highly of yourself?

You are obsessed with achieving your goals and changing your life?

You don’t know how to have fun & Don’t know what makes you happy anymore

You lack trust. You don’t trust yourself, in God (Angels, universe or higher power), In others and you don’t trust in the process of life.

You feel stuck in your journey to be the person that you always wanted to be?

You don’t feel capable of creating the life that you actually desperately want?

You are unhappy with life and drowning in emotions?

You think having clients or even love will bring more joy and peace to your life?


Imagine this…

Wake up everyday madly in love with your life.

Consistently feel happy & Confident for no reason at all.

Be in love with the person you see in the mirror.

Be the person that you were born to be.

Have a life that is filled with abundance, happiness and self love

Live your happiest life and attract everything you desire. AKA Soul mate clients, get that promotion or the love of your life.

Dramatically improve all relationships in your life.

Become magnetic by becoming the REAL you.

FREE yourself from the emotional roller coaster that you have been living

and so much more


Let's work together to make your dream/desire your reality 


Where Neuroscience + Energy + Intuition/Spirituality + Strategy meets

Together we’ll work on your 6 week journey of up-leveling, reprograming, quantum shifting your mindset and alignment.

We’ll use incredible transformational modalities like Neuro Linguistic Programing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), Time Line Therapy (TIME) Techniques… and of course business, life, and success coaching.

While getting woo with Spirituality/Manifestation and energetic guidance if you like.

We’ll be going deep to create instant shifts & new patterns

Your emotions are literally your guidance system to getting to where you want to be.

We will clear all emotional blocks that has been holding your back in business AND in life.

We’ll task your unconscious mind do a lot of the heavy lifting…

…Reprogram the subconscious mind

…and you start to see immediate shifts and results.

Let’s get started.


Lisa is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend her, what she has done me has been life changing. I had a lot of feelings of not being good enough, lacking in confidence, anxiety and feeling fearful of moving forward.

I received time line therapy and the affects have been profound. Not only have I stopped talking negatively to myself, my confidence has peaked and I am loving being me. I am who I am, and I can accept me for me.

I have received 3 new clients in my business and have inspired thoughts constantly. I no longer believe that my dreams aren't possible. I really believe that they are and I have every capability of making them a reality.

I am so thankful that Lisa turned up in my life when she did and I cannot wait to work with her again.


What you get:

1 day in person or viz Zoom (7 hours). I can split it over 2 days if you prefer.

Deep personal history to make sure i get ALL negative patterns, blocks and anything that needs releasing.

Using scientific proven techniques i will release ALL negative emotions, fears and limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind.

Program the mind to feel great everyday and align your subconscious mind with your goal (so it comes into your reality)

6 weeks of coaching. This includes 6 x 90 minute zoom calls. Once a week. During the calls we will be doing Time Line Therapy and coaching. My eyes are on your business for 6 weeks with me treating your business like it’s my own.

The investment for this breakthrough day is:

4 spots available ONLY

Pay in Full

One upfront payment of

$3000 AU

Payment Plan

2 payments of

$1600 AU


I had my first EFT session with Lisa via Skype. She was very friendly, easy to talk to and really understood how to get to the root of what I needed to deal with. She also has a background in Job Coaching, so that was extremely helpful for my specific issue. During the session she would ask how I was feeling, to see if the blocks were moving or if anything additional was coming up. It was really neat and easy to follow her instructions. What's crazy, as soon as we were done I received an email requesting my services from a new client!!! You can call it coincidence, but I believe Lisa is truly amazing at helping people tap into that alignment where manifesting things becomes seamless and easy! Thank you, Lisa!!!



About Lisa Falconer - Master Mindset Coach, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner

About Lisa

So I will start from the beginning.

Over four years ago I had an amazing job (of course even then I was helping people). I was a counselor for troubled teenagers and I was super passionate about it and it paid really good. But that was the only thing that brought me joy.

I had just became a first time mum and what i thought was supposed to be my happiest time of my life, was anything but….. I very quickly started struggling with post natal depression.

I was in a very unhealthy and unhappy relationship and i struggled to like the person i saw in the mirror.

I thought the answer was to return to work….. It was not. Being away from my then 5 month old just made me even more unhappy and had no one for support.

For some reason, i started dreaming what i wanted my life to look like. How i wanted my relationship to look like and how i wanted to feel.

I knew i was meant for more and i knew i was going to figure out how to love my life again.. I just wanted to be happy again. I just wanted to find my place in this world

Sounds simple right?

felt so stuck, miserable, unhappy and was desperate to change my life. How hard can it be?

I left the unhealthy relationship, left my job and moved back home with my parents. Yep basically started my life over.

However, my journey took longer then i would have liked.

I became a personal development junkie and started my own business.

I thought that was the answer.

I invested in furthering my qualifications, coaches and courses.

I did everything i was taught to do. I tried the hustle way, I tried the spiritual way and everything in between.

Nothing seemed to work. My business coach even said to me before our time was finished that she had nothing else to tell me. That i was doing EVERYTHING, that coaches who were having 6 figure months were doing. She was confused to why i was still hearing crickets.

That’s when in my last effort to figure out what was stopping me from my dream, I invested in NLP and Time Line Therapy (TIME).

I realized i was hiding behind my business and was expecting money or clients will make me happy.

Afterwards everything changed.

I quantum shifted my mindset. Everyday i felt Happy, confident, excited all mixed in together. Mostly i just felt CERTAINTY

Certainty that i will sign clients and i did. Every month since became my highest income month :)

Clients started finding me, People i didn’t know existed were paying me, People were sliding into my DM’s asking

about my services. Best part was i was still only working 14 hours per week.

Not only did my business blow up but my relationships dramatically improved, i fell in love with the person i see in the mirror.

I have learned a ton along the way and I am ready to share everything I know with you. 


Is this only for life-coaches? Absolutely not. I have worked with designers, business coaches, bloggers, VA’S and Network marketers (plus non business owners) who all got the results they desired.

 How do I schedule sessions with Lisa? As a private client, you will have access to my coaching calendar. If you a local we can do the breakthrough i person and if not we can book a time over Zoom.

 What days are sessions held on? I coach on Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Fridays (Australian time).

 Can i get a refund? Lisa has never been asked for a refund because all clients always get the desired outcome. Due to the nature of this work, There will be no refund option

 Can you guarantee specific results? I deeply believe in my ability to increase your belief in yourself and your work. I believe that the work i do and what i teach will help you quantum leap your life and biz. Dramatically improve your biz & life FAST.

Do i have to have a business? No! Lisa has help multiple clients who have a 9-5 (No business at all) to fall madly in love with their life, become the happiest they have ever been and went on to lose weight, improve strained relationships, manifested partners and became more productive and happy at work.

The testimonials on this page are from real live people who signed up to work with me, did the work, and got results. I believe in you.

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